Dachshund Cutting Board

Wiener Dog Cutting Board

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Dachshund Cutting Board.

This Wiener Dog Cutting Board makes a great addition to your kitchen and offers both design and functionality. Made from hard Maple, this may be the last cutting board you will ever need to buy.

Easy to maintain, just coat with Mineral oil when needed. After years of use, the board can be sanded back to its new condition.

Dachshund cutting board measures: 16 1/2" wide X 8 1/2" tall x 1" thick.

Fun & Functional: Unlike most boards, our boards are made to be used. Each board is close to an inch thick, made of only the best woods and coated with an easy to purchase/use mineral oil. Use one side for chopping and the other for fun and decorative kitchen decor.

Quality: All cutting boards are individually hand crafted. From the sawmill to your kitchen, your board begins its journey with the hand selection of only the clearest Maple. Your board then follows a seven step process that insures a seamless flat surface. If we wouldn't put it in our kitchen, then we wouldn't put it in yours.

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