Dachshund Dog Collar

Limited Edition Wiener Dog Collar.
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Limited Edition Dachshund Dog Collar.

Your Dachshund will love this adjustable collar featuring a parade of Dachshunds dressed in sweaters. It is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable. 

The adjustable collar is constructed of top quality hardware and interfaced for durability. Made with curved side release buckles and high quality nickle plating rings.

Each unique fabric pattern used on our exclusive dog collars contain up to 10 Doxies, so sweater colors may vary slightly for your particular wiener dog collar. By selecting if you have a Male or Female Doxie, we will try to send a collar that is best suited for the gender. For example, we will make every effort to send a collar with no or as little pink as possible if it's for a Male Doxie.

** Handmade in the U.S.A. BY Dachshund Lovers FOR Dachshund Lovers **

Dachshund collar measures: 5/8" in width, and adjusts between 9" - 15" long (fits most doxies)

This collar fits most Dachshunds unless you have a really small wiener.

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