Doggie Doo Game

The pooping dog game. In Germany it's called Kackel Dackel, which means Pooping Dachshund.


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Doggie Doo game, the world renown pooping dog game that's in the shape of a Dachshund.

This Doggie Doo Pooping Dog Game is a great gift for kids and adults alike. It gets tons of laughs that people will talk about for years to come. Makes a memorable gift for birthdays, holidays or just because... In Germany it's called Kackel Dackel, which means "Pooping Dachshund".

Each doggy doo game includes: 1 Dog with Leash and Pump, 1 Bone, 1 Die, 4 Shovels, 1 Container of ‘Dog Food’, 1 Treat Mold

How to play:

Step 1: Form and load Play-Doh poop pellet in the dog’s mouth.
Step 2: Position your pooper scooper under the wiener dog’s butt.
Step 3: Roll the die. Squeeze the leash lever the number of times shown on the die. Each squeeze makes a Gassy sound that pushes air into the dachshund, moving the poop through its system until...plop! If you’re lucky, collect poop as it drops out the other end.

The first person to collect three poops on their shovel wins. Be careful though... some die rolls make you skip a turn while others let another player trade scoopers with you. What’s the appeal of this game aside from the obvious “woah” factor?? The wiener dog makes noises as the poop passes through the digestive track and the dachshund's tail shakes the entire time.

This Doggy Doo pooping dog game is recommended for Ages 4 and up.

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