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Hand-tailored Wiener Dog Coat with fashionable fabric.
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Dachshund Coat in various patterned fleece custom-fitted with attached harness and D-ring.

Our wiener dog coats are custom made to fit your Dachshund. Don't waste your money on high cost pre-made coats that are made to fit a variety of different sized Dachshunds. Our coat is hand-tailored to fit one Dachshund only - YOURS. Our coats offer the BEST FIT for the same or less money.

Your Doxie Coat has Two Layers of snuggle softness. The Top Layer is snuggle-soft fleece in your choice of fabric. The bottom layer is a cotton liner bonded with an insulating, waterproof and windproof material. Picture above shows an optional hoodie.

Click on the photos to see patterns and fabric choices. Don't see a pattern you like? Email us and show us a photo of what you want. We'll make every effort to get it and make the coat of your dreams.

Other Dachshund Coat Features:
The chest piece of the coat has Belts that come under each side of the dog and attach on the top of the coat with Velcro.

Around the neck is a 2" rolled collar of double knit fabric that helps prevent water from running down the neck.

You will love the Custom Attached Harness with D Ring. You just Hookup and Go! The Harness design allows you to better Control your dog from the front of the chest and NOT the neck.

We work with dog tailors that have spent over 10 years designing and customizing coat patterns to fit all sizes of Dachshunds. Please allow 2 weeks to have your custom Dachshund coat made.

** Handmade in the U.S.A. BY Dachshund Lovers FOR Dachshund Lovers **

How to Measure your Dachshund for a custom made Coat (<<<----- click on link for instructions)

Please follow the sizing guide below to order. Our professional seamstress will contact you for exact measurements after you place your order. Upon checkout, please be sure to provide a phone number that is best for reaching you.

Length - From Base of the Neck to Base of the Tail

*** NOTE *** When measuring your wiener dog, make sure to use a cloth tape (or piece of string) and take the measurement so it's snug. Be sure measurements are not too tight or too loose. This will result in a poor fitting coat. If you are between sizes we recommend that you go to the smaller size because the fleece will stretch a little.


  Small Slim Small Regular Medium Slim Medium Regular Large Regular
Length up to 14" 14 1/2" - 16" 16 1/2" - 18" 18 1/2" - 20" over 20"

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