Grass is Greener Doormat

Grass is greener under my wiener Doormat

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The Grass Is Greener Under My Wiener Dachshund Doormat.

Humorous, durable Dachshund doormat. Great for Dachshund lovers. Manufactured in USA. 100% Olefin Indoor/Outdoor Carpet. Washable with hose & brush. Dry flat. Perfect bound stitched edges.

Dachshund doormat measures 27" wide x 18" tall.

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Product reviews
Great outdoor mat!
I've had this mat for 3 years now and it's outside all spring/summer! It's used to wipe feet, it get wets, it gets dirty, but it is very well made because the design has not worn and it's in great shape, not curling up at the corners or falling apart! And of course it's a lot of fun and really cute! Except for one thing... my grass tends to be more yellow/brown thanks to my wieners lol!!

From: Guest | Created on: 3/29/2017 10:50 AM

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