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Fun and unique Dachshund accessories for Dachshund Lovers: key chains, handbags, scarfs, wallets, totes, umbrellas and more.

  • Pewter Dachshund Keychain

    Pewter Dachshund Keychain. Highly detailed pewter wiener dog keychain available in smooth, long and wire-haired coat types. These solid pewter keychains have a nice weight to them. Each Dachshund measures approx. 1 3/4" long. Related product...

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  • Take-A-Long Dog Carrier Bag

    Take-A-Long Dog Carrier Bag

    Take-A-Long Dog Carrier Bag. A designer, custom-made bag to carry your dog with you anywhere you go. Our Take-A-Long dog carrying bag allows you to keep your pet right next to you where they feel most secure. Unlike other dog carriers that force your...

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