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I attended a dog show one day with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. I entered my Doxie, Pepper into a contest and decided to walk her around the showcase area while hundreds of people were watching. As I walked pass my brother-in-law, he pretended as if he didn't know me and asked, "What kind of dog is that?". I answered, "it's a Wiener Dog, you wanna pet my wiener?" and a lady standing nearby heard my comment and started laughing uncontrollably. It was meant to be a play on words in a fun and humorous way, and by her reaction it seemed as if I was onto something. So I went home that evening and ran with the idea, and today we are the Internets largest supplier of fun and unique Dachshund gifts anywhere.

Dachshund owners are as unique as their pets. We are equally special and have a loyal following to the Dachshund breed. Our goal is to bring Dachshund owners the most fun, unique and innovative wiener dog products to enjoy at home, work or wherever else you like to spend your time. We hope you enjoy our site and appreciate your support.

We offer a unique selection of gifts to satisfy any Dachshund and even non-Dachshund enthusiasts. Our goal is to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are first-most Doxie Lovers and that is where our inspiration comes from. If we love it, we hope you will too. Show the world what you care about!

We would like to do our part to help homeless and other Dachshunds with various needs. donates 5% of all sales to Dachshund Rescues and other organizations helping underprivileged Dachshunds in need.

We are committed to help make a difference and contribute to such amazing organizations! If you represent a Dachshund Rescue Organization, please contact us to inquire about our donation program.

Sincerely, George
Founder & Lover of all things Dachshund

Pepper: Inspiration & Quality Control for

Fun Fact: When we decided to go into business, we conducted a survey of 100 people and asked them how they would spell "Wiener". We discovered that over 50% did not know the proper spelling of "Wiener". Who can blame them!? We weren't even sure ourselves when we started this whole thing, that's why we asked... It's not a word that's used everyday, let alone spelled out often. As a result, we wanted to make sure everyone can find us regardless of their spelling talent. Therefore we registered both websites: and, so rest assure that if you tell a friend about us or forget how to spell our name, everyone will be able to find us regardless of how it's spelled.

Picture of the Original German Oscar Mayers Wiener Mobile
miniature long haired dachshund pepper