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Stuff for your Wiener

Fun and unique accessories for your Dachshund: beds, feeding bowls, shirts, dog toys, collars, leashes, treats, booties and more.

  • Dachshund Dog Collar

    Dachshund Dog Collar

    Limited Edition Dachshund Dog Collar. Your Dachshund will love this adjustable collar featuring a parade of Dachshunds dressed in sweaters. It is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable.  The adjustable collar is constructed of top quality...

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  • DreamSack Dog Bed

    DreamSack Dog Bed

    DreamSack custom-made dog bed with designer fabrics. These dog beds are handmade for breeds such as the Dachshund's natural instinct to burrow. What better way to burrow than in a shearling-lined sleeping bag? The interior is lined with soft, imitation...

    $39.95 - $69.95
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  • Formal Dog Bowtie

    Formal Dog Bowtie

    Formal Dog Bowties. These dog bowties are perfect for any Formal Occasion such as Weddings and other Fancy Affairs. Collars are adjustable by 1 inch in either direction. Velcro closure. Made for HIM and HER. Black Bowtie with white collar for HIM, and...

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  • Take-A-Long Dog Carrier Bag

    Take-A-Long Dog Carrier Bag

    Take-A-Long Dog Carrier Bag. A designer, custom-made bag to carry your dog with you anywhere you go. Our Take-A-Long dog carrying bag allows you to keep your pet right next to you where they feel most secure. Unlike other dog carriers that force your...

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    Zig Zag Dog Bowtie

    Zig Zag Dog Bowtie

    Zig Zag Dog Bowtie. Hand-crafted zig zag bowties for your pet. Colorful and fun zig zag bowties for your dog to wear at parties, festivals or just about any event you can think of. These zig zag bowties are made with an elastic band that is intended...

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    Now: $3.95
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  • Dachshund Neck Warmer

    Dachshund Neck Warmer

    Dachshund Neck Warmer... the Scarf for Dachshunds! It is the perfect scarf designed for Doxies. This comfortable-fitting, hand-knitted neck warmer is lightweight, yet warm enough to keep them comfortable on those chilly days. Offered in a variety of...

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  • Dachshund Life Jacket

    Dachshund Life Jacket

    Dachshund Life Jacket and high-performance dog flotation device for boating, water sport adventures and other water activities with your wiener dog. Vivid color makes for easy visibility. Life vest preserver design allows for fast size adjustments and a...

    $24.95 - $37.95
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  • Dog Shoes Booties

    Dog Shoes Booties

    Dog Shoes Booties (set of 4). 4-piece dog shoes keeps paws dry, warm, safe and comfortable. Lightweight, soft, comfortable material. Adjustable straps keeps them snug and secure. Deluxe anti-slip rubber sole. Material: Water-resistant cloth, rubber...

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  • white camo

    Car Seat Belt Safety Lead

    Keep your pooch safely restrained and secure in vehicle while driving, and allows your dog to sit, stand or lie down comfortably in a car without distracting the driver. Hassle-free seatbelt clip designed to latch into your car with ease. Made of high...

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