Dachshunds vs Westminster Dog Show

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has failed to award the most prestigious of canine contests "Best in Show" to one of the most beloved breeds in the world, the Dachshund, in more than 100 years since it began giving this award in 1907.

Westminster Dog Show Discrimination: Unmasking Bias Against Dachshunds. Read the article: Westminster Dog Show Bias Against Dachshunds

The Dachshund is one of a small group of just 8 America's favorite dog breeds that have never won "Best in Show" at Westminster.

Labrador Retriever — AKC rank #1
Golden Retriever — AKC rank #5
Dachshund — AKC rank #8
Shih Tzu — AKC rank #10
Miniature Schnauzer — AKC rank #12
Chihuahua — AKC rank #13
Great Dane — AKC rank #17
Shetland Sheepdog – AKC rank #19

The Dachshund is also "one of the most popular breeds" with humans, according to the AKC's own statistics: Dachshund leads in popularity among humans

The AKC recognized Dachshunds as a breed in 1885, which perhaps accounts for its enduring popularity and relatively high rankings at Westminster. No dog has been more widely loved by writers, artists, product developers, directors, actors, musicians, politicians, etc...(the list goes on) than the Dachshund.

Events are held throughout the United States celebrating the Dachshund, including the most famous, Wiener Nationals. From Wiener Dog specific events, the Wiener Mobile sponsored by Wienerschnitzel to Dachshund Rescues. You will not find any other breed of dog with such a strong following and owner loyalty than the Dachshund.

You will not find "Beagle" events, or "Greyhound" events, or "Labrador Retriever" events. OK, you might find one or two random breed events here and there if you're lucky, but nothing compared to the Dachshund. From the east coast to the west coast, hundreds of events are catered to the Dachshund breed in any given year. Commonly, you will find two types of dog breed events. Dachshund events and "everything else". Most dog breed events are broad so they can attract enough dog owners to hold an event, but only the Dachshund has such a strong and loyal following that they don't need the support of other dog breeds to hold their own party. And not just that, but you don't have to be a Dachshund owner to be drawn to one of their events. Once people hear "Dachshund" or "Wiener Dog", it's over. It's like finding your true love and them saying, "You had me at hello".

But WHY has the Dachshund been shunned from the top award at Westminster? The Dachshund is one of the most recognizable, most celebrated and most beloved dog breeds in the world. Yet, Westminster judges fail to recognize that this breed truly deserves the title "Best in Show". Is it because they are afraid to be the group of individuals that award the Dachshund "Best in Show" and be forever crucified? Is there a Dachshund curse, or is there a higher power within Westminster that has directed these judges from doing so?

We believe there is a deep rooted reason as to why the Westminster Kennel Club has avoided giving the Dachshund this well-deserved title all these years. After repeated attempts to contact someone----anyone at Westminster regarding this subject, no one was to be found that can speak on this topic. In the end, it's not All Breeds vs. Westminster, it is Dachshunds vs The Westminster Dog Show.